Bridgnorth Station footbridge entrance
One of the premier preserved railways in the country the Severn Valley Railway commenced operations as a heritage line in 1970. It operates between Bridgnorth and Kidderminster, along a scenic route following closely the route of the River Severn.
Bridgnorth Station
The Severn Valley line originally operated until 1963, providing a 40 miles long branch line link from Worcestershire to Shrewsbury.
Bridgnorth Station
The railway now provides an insight into GWR branch line operations, though some of the visiting locos would never have been seen on the line in BR days.
Bridgnorth shed
Bridgnorth is the main operating centre of the railway with facilities for maintenance of locos and rolling stock.
Western Courier at Bridgnorth
Diesel-hydraulic engines were introduced into the Western region of British Railways in the early 1960s to replace steam locomotives on main line operations.
Prairie 5164 at Bridgnorth
Large Prairies such as this one were general traffic locomotives and would have been regular workhorses on the line.
Hampton Loade
Hampton Loade is a pictursque, small station, on the opposite side of the river from the village to which it owes its name.
Hampton Loade
Road access is difficult here and a ferry once operated across the river to the village.
Highley Station
Highley Station is spacious and well restored, providing passing facilities for trains. It lies close to the river. It provides access to the railway's visitor centre.
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